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At the Festival Center’s Center for Spiritual Formation, we collaborate with esteemed local Mental Health Professionals and Spiritual Directors to offer a wide range of services encompassing mental health counseling, group therapy, and spiritual direction. We believe in the power of an integrated approach that addresses the holistic well-being of individuals, combining psychological and spiritual dimensions for optimal growth and healing.

Our center serves as a vibrant and inclusive hub where individuals can seek support, guidance, and transformation in a nurturing and compassionate environment. We are proud to partner with dedicated Mental Health Professionals and Spiritual Directors who bring their unique expertise and passion to assist clients on their journey toward wholeness and self-discovery.

The rates for services are determined by the individual professionals themselves, as we recognize the importance of honoring their expertise, experience, and the value they bring to their respective practices. Each professional can set their rates based on their qualifications, years of experience, specialized modalities, and the specific services they offer.

We invite you to explore the profiles and specialties of our esteemed Mental Health Professionals and Spiritual Directors to find the perfect fit for your unique needs. By collaborating with these dedicated professionals, you can embark on a transformative journey that integrates psychological well-being and spiritual growth, fostering a holistic approach to healing and personal development.



Professional Profiles


Crisely Meleicio-Zambrano

Spiritual Director

Crisely Melecio-Zambrano (she/her) is a spiritual director who delights in getting to walk alongside people on their spiritual journeys. Crisely is trained in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality which is focused on finding the Divine in all things, and uses a somatic and imagination based focus. She is also trained in  accompanying people through the Spiritual Exercises (a retreat in daily life).


Colleen Thomas

Spiritual Director

A Spiritual Director and long-time practitioner of Centering Prayer, Colleen Thomas delights in companioning others on their spiritual journey. Trained in the monastic arts of discernment, spiritual companionship and retreat leadership, she leads contemplative prayer groups, workshops and retreats. She serves as the Diversity Outreach Coordinator for Contemplative Outreach and as a Program Director for Stillpoint: A Center for Christian Spirituality. Her particular passion for expanding contemplative practice and teaching to younger and BIPOC communities. 

Colleen earned her MA in Theology and Art from Fuller Theological Seminary. She worked in television in Los Angeles for 15 years before relocating to her hometown of Washington D.C. where she continues to explore her creative passions while enjoying the close companionship of her family. You can discover more about her work at and hear her in conversation about Centering Prayer and the contemplative life on the Opening Minds, Opening Hearts podcast. 


AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez

Personal Coach

AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez (she/her) is a highly skilled and compassionate public educator who utilizes her signature Interlocking Justice methodology to catalyze an embodied response in her clients. Interlocking Justice is a holistic, accessible, and sustainable approach to justice and liberation work that AnaYelsi teaches and speaks about nationwide.  She empowers individuals and communities with her diverse skill set, which includes education, coaching, consulting, writing, and art. She is the founder and Co-Curator of En Conjunto—a collective of People of Color working independently at the intersection of justice and spirituality. AnaYelsi also serves on the board of the Festival Center in Washington, DC and is the Co-Director for The Well DC’s Justice Ministry. You can follow her on social media at @brwneyedamzn and on Facebook (/anayelsi18).

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Offer Services in our Space

The Festival Center’s Center for Spiritual Formation has a serene and transformative haven designed specifically to provide an affordable space for mental health professionals and spiritual directors to provide affordable access to mental health counseling, group therapy, spiritual direction, and a myriad of other wellness practices.

This versatile space is ideal for mental health counseling sessions, providing a safe and confidential environment for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and personal challenges. The tranquil setting, away from the distractions of everyday life, helps to create a conducive space for reflection, self-expression, and healing.

We are delighted to offer a special discount for renting the Center for Spiritual Formation. The rental fee for this serene and sacred space is available at an exclusive rate of 20% of your professional service fees. We understand the importance of providing an affordable and supportive environment for practitioners like yourself to facilitate transformative experiences for your clients.


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