For over 30 years, the Festival Center has served as a hub for activists, artists, people of faith and no faith, seekers, and mission-driven groups. Through hospitality, education, spiritual development, and advocacy, the Festival Center serves as a generative source for all people to work against all forms of oppression and to strive for a just city, nation, and world. 

Our services support justice-seeking organizations, artists, inspiring chefs, faith groups, individuals, and more. 

Subsidized Office and Meeting Spaces

We provide subsidized office and meeting spaces to justice-seeking individuals and organizations.

Center for Spiritual Formation

We partner with mental health professionals, clergy, spiritual directors, and coaching professionals to provide low-cost professional care.

School for Liberation

We provide community programs and education on leadership, harm reduction, spiritual growth, and more.

Community Art Gallery

We partner with up-and-coming artists to provide art advocacy exhibitions in our community art gallery.

Kitchen Incubator

We provide culinary arts training and sliding-scale kitchen space to food vendors and entrepreneurs.


We partner with justice-seeking organizations and coalitions to work against all forms of oppression and strive for a just city, nation, and world.


Email or call 202.328.0072