At the intersection of hospitality and justice...

For over 30 years the Festival Center has served as a hub for activists, artists, people of faith and no faith, seekers, and mission-driven groups. A landmark in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington DC, the Center is a home to numerous organizations and a generative space for movements for justice. The School for Liberation teaches and trains faith leaders to serve in movements for justice as we seek to bring change to Washington DC and the rest of the country.

The Festival Center has been my place of solace, worship, celebration and recovering from life’s challenges. It is a beautiful place for art, dance, spirituality, brainstorming, and prayer meetings. I have met brilliant people from all over the world, and right across the street! This is truly my lovely home away from home. 

-Minister Kumi Alatish

Church of Christ Right Now


Who We Are

A Test of Powers

This message was given by Festival Center Executive Director, Bill Mefford, to 8th Day Church, Sunday, April 24, 2022. The message is based on Acts

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woman standing in room with unfinished walls
Who We Are

What We Are Building

Yale University professor, Dr. Timothy Snyder, has written a book, On Tyranny, in which he describes lessons the United States can learn from historical fascist movements.

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Justice in Action

Yesterday I showed up….

I have been to so many rallies, protests, marches, vigils, civil disobedience actions, and other public witness events that it is hard to keep count.

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may, 2022

The Festival Center has become a place where I know that I can build community, deepen my call to justice, and quietly listen for what is going on in my interior space and for the movement of the Divine.

-Leanne Finamore

Student, School for Liberation

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