The Festival Center Launches 2023 Collectives Program

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The Festival Center is excited to announce its 2023 Collectives Program featuring three areas of focus: Community Organizing, Climate Justice, and Discernment for the Inward Journey.

Collectives are a year-long, online, cohort-based program which will help participants deepen both their inward and outward journeys; deepening their understanding of call and their commitment to serve their communities and to struggle for justice.

Participants will build relationships and establish a network of people committed to the same work. They will strengthen their  knowledge and skill related to the collective’s focus, and finally, participants will learn how to translate knowledge into action to bring about lasting change.

This year’s focuses will engage students in diverse ways.

Led by Luisely and Chrisely Melecio-Zambrano, the Discernment for the Inward Journey Collective will delve into a different discernment tool each class and build community through experiential learning engaging body, mind, and heart.

Led by Sasha Adkins, the Climate Justice Collective will explore the work of grassroots climate justice activists and students will discern together the gifts each offer to this work, and support each other in moving from awareness to action.

Led by Kristin Kumpf, the Community Organizing Collective will focus on the values and principles of community organizing, and students will begin to adapt them into their community settings.

Getting involved in justice work can be lonely and daunting. The Festival Center is here to help.

Learn more about the Festival Center’s 2023 Collective’s Program by clicking here.

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