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The Servant Leadership School is now the School for Liberation

Equipping Leaders...

The roots of the School for Liberation go back to the Servant Leadership School which taught and trained faith leaders based on the unique call of Church of the Saviour and the transformative ministries that have emanated from Church of the Saviour churches. Like the Servant Leadership School, the School for Liberation trains and mobilizes faith leaders to build movements for justice that transform our local communities, and our world.

Our pedagogy is driven by our values…

At the root of transformative movements for justice are relationships: our relationship with the Creator, our relationship with creation, and our relationships with one another. Therefore, we focus many of our classes and teach-ins on relationships and the primary values that began with the original Servant Leadership School. Those values are Call, Community, and Justice.


Transforming the world begins with being transformed ourselves. We want to connect with God and better understand how God is transforming us and the world. We seek to understand what God is calling us to do and who God is calling us to serve. How can we be more connected to God so that we are healed and be agents of healing to a broken world?


We do not live out our call alone. We are called to be in relationship with one another, with groups of people we share passion with; with people we share life with. Though many forms of organized, institutional religion have failed us and a hurting world, we seek to better understand how we can create new expressions of God’s love and how can we best serve in those expressions.


Drawing close to our Creator and to others who share our passion to serve must be shaped by our relationships among those who are being crushed and marginalized by injustice. How best can we serve people more effectively and build movements for justice which transform the world and better reflect God’s Kingdom?

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