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The purpose of this training is to acclimate kitchen renters to the standards, expectations, and protocols of the Festival Center commercial kitchen. This is an in-person training ONLY. The training fee is $50/person and anyone who expects to cook and prepare using the Festival Center kitchen must complete this training and submit all necessary documentation to support their use of the kitchen. Completing this training makes desired renters eligible to request cook time in the Festival Center Kitchen. Those who complete the training will be provided a link to request kitchen use at the end of the training.


All kitchen protocols will be addressed during the kitchen training, which can be administered in both English and Spanish.

Facilitator: Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, Director of Art and Food Justice

If you have a food handler’s license, please bring it with you to the training. We will copy it and hold it for our records.

Please complete the form to provide us with additional details about how you intend to use the Festival Center's Kitchen.