Discernment Collective

for the inward journey

Each of us as humans make thousands of big and small decisions everyday. At times, those decisions feel easy and natural and at other times they can paralyze us. Join us to learn more about various tools for discernment that span across centuries of wisdom. We will delve into a different discernment tool each class as we build community together. Our time together be based in experiential learning engaging body, mind and heart. All are welcome!

Meet your Instructors

Luisely Melecio-Zambrano

Luisely is a midwife and a spiritual director. She received her Master’s of Divinity at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, CA where she trained as a spiritual director. She began accompanying people as a spiritual director in 2013. She has accompanied people as a spiritual director in correctional institutes, detention centers, retreats, shelters, churches, and in a counseling office. In May of 2020, she was searching for a BIPOC Spiritual Director for herself and was surprised to find so few options. Thus, Luisely decided to make her services accessible online. She offers spiritual direction to all in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. (www.birthinglight.org)

Chrisely Melecio-Zambrano

Chrisely is a spiritual director, mother, and member of the L’Arche GWDC community. She is passionate about creating spaces in which belonging and unity are at the center.