A Test of Powers

This message was given by Festival Center Executive Director, Bill Mefford, to 8th Day Church, Sunday, April 24, 2022. The message is based on Acts 5:12-42.  This story is a classic confrontation of two powers – the power of God and the power of human authorities. And there resides within the power of human authorities […]

Excluded Worker Testimony for the DC City Council

Testimony in Support of Excluded Workers DC City Council April 8, 2022 On April 8 Bill Mefford, the Executive Director of the Festival Center, testified before the City Council in support of granting aid to excluded workers.  I am the Executive Director of the Festival Center, located in Adams Morgan. We are a community center […]

What We Are Building

woman standing in room with unfinished walls

Yale University professor, Dr. Timothy Snyder, has written a book, On Tyranny, in which he describes lessons the United States can learn from historical fascist movements. He believes there is a current movement in our national politics towards authoritarianism and I wholeheartedly agree. It is frightening in many ways. Sounding the alarm, my friend David Hilfiker […]

Hope for Kyle Rittenhouse this Advent

This was a message given on Sunday, November 28 Every year since I was a kid I have kept my own personal Christmas tradition. I am not sure when I started doing this, and I am sure others do this too, but several nights during Christmas time, at night after everyone in the house has […]

Introducing our NEW Collectives Program

I remember a life-changing moment for me. I was attending seminary and it was a place where there was not a lot of support in exploring ministries of justice. But towards the end of my time there I got a chance to attend a conference in Pittsburgh hosted by the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) […]

Hospitality is the Least We Should Do

If you are watching the gut-wrenching pictures of Afghans fleeing the impending rule of the Taliban and asking hard questions of your government I have a question for you – where were you 20 years ago? There are and will continue to be political debates about President Biden’s decision to pull US troops out of […]