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Join us, as together, we work to build a future brimming with justice, and hope.



Environmental and technological investments will expand the impact of the Festival Center beyond our four walls and create long-term sustainability for the future.

Through a new HVAC system insulation, LED lighting, and solar panels, we will dramatically lower energy usage and reduce our energy costs by 50%. Buildings produce the greatest amount of carbon emissions in large cities and we are doing our part to shrink our carbon footprint and provide both financial and environmental sustainability for years to come.

In light of the pandemic which has changed the way we work and meet one another, upgraded technology will allow us to continue welcoming people from all over the country and world to the Festival Center for workshops and advocacy gatherings, leadership trainings, retreats, classes, worship and more. With this upgraded technology, community groups will be able to host their own zoom events, create podcasts, and build communities for justice across the country and world. 



A new commercial training kitchen and art gallery space will further the impact of the Festival Center in the Adams Morgan neighborhood and wider Washington DC community.

A state-of-the-art commercial training kitchen will create opportunities for partnering organizations and small businesses to incubate new initiatives, teach culinary arts classes, and enable food entrepreneurs to develop and refine their craft. 

This gallery will be among the most important spaces in our building because it is where all who enter will meet the Festival Center for the first time. The art gallery will provide needed entrepreneurial support for marginalized artists and will bring critically relevant artwork to our community. 



Expanded rentable square-footage and below-market-rate pricing will create opportunities for community groups and non-profits to meet and collaborate privately and safely.

On the first floor of the Festival Center is a large inspiring public space where celebrations, weddings, memorial services, conferences, meetings, worship services and so much more take place. This Great Room will accommodate up to 160 people at a time and upgraded technology and furniture will create a space for more exciting activity in this space. 

An essential part of providing hospitality to all who enter the Festival Center is ensuring their safety while they are here. Through the creation of a vestibule to our front entrance and a new security system, we will ensure a safe space for all people who meet and work here. 

Small to medium-sized meeting rooms for both virtual and online meetings will expand our rentable square-footage and provide opportunities for groups of all sizes to collaborate. 



Innovative new programs will further the mission of the Festival Center by strengthening opportunities for collective formation, collaboration, and mutual solidarity.

Dedicated to our value of collective formation and the inward journey, we will have a dedicated space for spiritual direction and formation. This space will be available free-of-cost for people of all religious and spiritual beliefs so that individuals and groups can deepen their connection and relationship with the Divine and Sacred. 

The Festival Center has long been a leader in training and mobilizing community leaders in the Washington DC area and across the country. Since the start of the pandemic, the influence and impact of our School for Liberation has grown considerably as hundreds each year attend our classes and teach-ins. This will be strengthened even more through our incubator space on the second floor. We will partner with grassroots organizations and think tanks to connect scholarly research and organizations so that they may mutually inform each other. The result will be stronger and more effective movements for justice. 

In keeping with the Festival Center’s original vision of the second floor being an “incubator space” for new ministries and new works to be birthed, we are creating a co-working space specifically for faith communities and start-up justice organizations that cannot afford market-rate office space in Washington, DC. Not only will they have a space to work and meet, we will partner with them and support their work of building movements for justice in practical and needed ways. 

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