Matthias Everhope


Matthias Everhope was born in the District and is committed to developing D.C.’s social justice through collaboration, creativity, and communications. He is a photographer and writer, and has made a career as a website manager, mostly for public health national nonprofits. He is currently the Webmaster for Church of the Saviour. He is a member of Jubilee Church and 8th Day at Church of the Saviour, and Sugarloaf Congregations of UUs. Matthiasgraduated from Wesley Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity specializing in Public Theology in May 2022 and wants to work in chaplaincy as well as the arts and media. He also received a Certificate in Ecology and Ministry from the Washington Theological Consortium and is passionate about eco-conscious theologies, Indigenous solidarity, and deepening our connection to the land. He loves going to art and music shows, and playing disc golf. To see beloved community, let’s be beloved community.