Jim Edmonds

Chair, Building Committee


The Church of the Saviour has been an integral part of Jim’s life for the past 46 years.  Even after moving to the west coast (first, for 12 years in the San Francisco Bay area, including a one-year sabbatical [1988-89] back in Washington, DC, and then for 13 years in the Bellevue, WA), Jim and his wife, Betsy, were never far from C of S.  They moved back to Washington, DC 2003-2004, where they reside and have continued to be a part of the C of S community.  Jim’s career calling precipitated these many moves. 

Jim’s work as an electrical engineer at Exponent (formerly known as Failure Analysis Associates) began in Bellevue, Washington.  In 2003, he transitioned back to Washington, DC, in order to assist in the expansion of an Exponent office and laboratory facility in Bowie, Maryland.  Today, Jim continues to consult on several on-going projects that are in his field of expertise. 

Jim has served on the Festival Center Board of Directors since 2017.  His major responsibility has been as Chairman of the Building Committee, during the renovation of Kayla McClurg House on Ontario Road and the major renovation of the Festival Center that begin in 2021.