Gail Arnall

Chair, Raise the Roof Fundraising Team

Gail came to Washington, DC, in 1974 and soon found a church home in Church of the Saviour. She has had an exciting career, first working at the Federal Communications Commission, then at NPR and PBS. In 1985, she founded her own consulting firm, Phoebus Communications, where she created and managed several multi-state educational consortia funded with multi-million dollar, multi-year grants secured from the US Department of Education using satellite technology to deliver math, science and foreign languages to rural schools. In 2005 she closed Phoebus and became the Executive Director of Offender Aid and Restoration in Arlington, where for the following ten years she helped men and women returning home from jail and prison. She has tried to retire three times.  She continued to raise funds for OAR; she served as the manager of the Potter’s House for a year; and she served as a consultant to HER Resiliency Center for three years.  Gail served on the Board of The Family Place for 15 years, and on the Board of Jubilee JumpStart for four years.  She first joined the Board of the Festival Center in 2015, serving as Treasure.  After a two year hiatus, she rejoined the Board in 2020.  She is co-Chair of the Capital Campaign.  Gail has a BA from Baylor University, and an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois – Urbana.  Her twin sister, who spent her career in China, and her brother and family live in Phoenix, AZ.