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Faith and Money Network


The Festival Center is excited to share with you information on our amazing partners and building tenants. The work that these organizations do impact our city, nation, and world. 

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What is the mission of your organization?

Faith and Money Network is a teaching ministry with the goal of equipping people to transform their relationship with money, live with integrity and intentionality, and participate in creating a more equitable world.

What makes your work vital to Washington DC and the world?

Provide safe spaces for talking about our money honestly and constructively within the grounding of our faith. We help people transform their relationship with money so they can make money decisions out of faith rather than fear, and live in a sense of abundance—a deep sense that we have enough, to build community, enriching what we can depend on beyond our personal financial portfolios, develop solidarity with God’s wider community, and live more fully as God’s faithful, interconnected, generous people.

What is a recent accomplishment of your organization or what is something your organization is particularly proud of?

Last year (2022) we started Sabbath Economics Household Practice groups. Covenant Groups meet monthly to work through the seven household practices outlined in the sabbath economics framework developed by Ched Myers and Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries. A Faith and Money Network facilitator leads an online group (via video conference) of six to ten people who have already completed a Sabbath Economics Workshop or a Money, Faith and You study group and commit to meeting monthly and supporting one another in discerning how to put Sabbath economics to work in their daily lives.

How can others get involved?

Join a Money, Faith, and You class that meets weekly via online video conference for six weeks to study some of today’s leading thinkers on faith and money and reflect on our own faith and money journeys.

Why is having space at the Festival Center important for your organization?

It is empowering to have an office in a building with other activists, artists, people of faith, and mission-driven groups. We can’t do the work of love and justice on our own.

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