Organization Spotlight

National Domestic Worker Alliance | DMV Chapter


The Festival Center is excited to share with you information on our amazing partners and building tenants. The work that these organizations do impact our city, nation, and world. 

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What is the mission of your organization?

To increase the respect and recognition of the country’s 2.2 million domestic workers.

What makes your work vital to Washington DC and the world?

Domestic workers are essential workers who, as nannies, home care workers and house cleaners, care for the things more precious to us, our loved ones and our homes. Domestic work makes all other work possible. These workers have been unseen and undervalued for too long, our work seeks to build power to make all domestic work jobs good, dignified jobs.

What is a recent accomplishment of your organization or what is something your organization is particularly proud of?

We have been working for 4 years to pass a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in DC to finally give domestic workers basic workplace protections under DC’s laws.

How can others get involved?

Check out our campaign and take action at

Why is having space at the Festival Center important for your organization?

The Festival Center has been a close ally in the struggle for years, always showing up to support marginalized workers. We are so excited to build this new element to our relationship, where the Festival Center will give us a home to continue to dream and win for domestic workers. We are also so excited to be in a building that is also home to other grassroots groups and progressive advocates to learn from our building neighbors.

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