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Bill Mefford

Bill Mefford

Executive Director, The Festival Center

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I remember a life-changing moment for me. I was attending seminary and it was a place where there was not a lot of support in exploring ministries of justice. But towards the end of my time there I got a chance to attend a conference in Pittsburgh hosted by the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) to explore a call into urban ministry. 

 I attended many of the workshops and was, for the first time in my life, surrounded by people following Jesus who shared a passion for justice. It was inspiring and also challenging to hear the creative ways people lived in solidarity among people marginalized by political, economic, social, and even religious structures. Those experiences and the things I learned there helped set the path I began to walk on for the rest of my life.  

The importance of being surrounded by people who share our passions for justice cannot be emphasized strongly enough. 

 This is why today is big news for the Festival Center. We have seen hundreds of people attend our online teach ins, classes, and events over the last year and a half and that has been so much fun!

 But beginning in January of 2022, we are starting three year-long Collectives focused on Climate Justice, Anti-Racism, and Community Organizing. The year-long Collectives will include teach ins, salons (organized discussions), discipleship by your Collective Educator, and opportunities to practice what you learn and then reflect on those experiences with others.

 In joining a Collective you will strengthen your knowledge and skills on the area of focus and you will build relationships and establish a network among people who share your passion. 

 Registration opens today. So I hope you will check it out! Share it with members of your faith community or network! And sign up! 

I believe it is time for us to move beyond merely learning about justice. I believe it is time for us to effectively build movements for justice. 

This is who we are. 

This is what we do. 


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