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"Wade Through Deep Water" by Holy Fool Arts

Holy Fool Arts and Soteria Community School present an evening of Ceremonial Theater at the Festival Center at 1640 Columbia Road NW on Friday, June 9th. Doors open at 6:30pm. Event begins at 7pm. Wade Through Deep Water introduces two prophets, Miriam and John the Baptist, whose water-logged lives kept them swimming in transformation. Weaving poetry from Thomas Merton and Jewish feminist Alicia Suskin Ostriker, with beautiful storytelling, high energy song and dance numbers, live music, dramatic characters, and large silk props, we are invited into the grief of the divine feminine and journey toward reunion with that aspect of God. Miriam remembers scheming by the Nile in a conspiracy of women that saved baby Moses (Ex 2:1–10). Her body sings a song of deliverance, and the people follow her, yet we also lament her fate to endure solitary confinement in the dessert and later “die in a dry place” (Ex 15:20–21, Num 12, Num 20:1–2). Miriam’s struggle speaks to the reality that privatized water and desertification are consequences of ignoring the voice of the divine feminine. Meanwhile, John the Baptist calls all to a “dirty baptism,” because all the water is dirty and threatened. With fierce love, he calls for repentance, challenges us to abandon false hopes about technological saviors, and helps us feel the pain of the water.

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