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Board of Directors

  • Lawrence Taylor (Interim Board Chair)
  • Bill MacKaye (Treasurer)
  • Gayle Fisher-Stewart
  • Fred Taylor
  • Roma Thurin, Esq

Festival Center Board Identity and Covenant

By its own strength, the Festival Center can't correct the injustice or heartbreak of our day, but we have been called by God to be an instrument for Christian transformation. We know that in our shared weakness, God moves through our board, staff, partners and volunteers towards the reconciliation of hearts, classes, races, religions, cultures, and nations. Together with "the least of these", "cultural addicts," and those hungry to be authentic church, the Festival Center stays conneted to the unfailing, transformative, divine Love of Jesus.

As a board, we understand ourselves in an unusual way — not by what we do, but by whose we are, and by how we allow God to be expressed in our corporate being. We are not fixers or directors from on high, distanced by the goals we envision or the policies we oversee; rather we are following Jesus by surrendering to God and to one another. This is so counter cultural that discipline and loving accountability are required to keep it central.

Therefore, in order to do our work faithfully and effectively as a board, we commit to live these principles together, and to hold each other accountable to them:

  • Prayer for each other and for the Festival Center;
  • Practices of reconciliation among one another, and other races and cultures;
  • Practices of accountability to Jesus at the point of money;
  • Practices of being with the poor;
  • Financial support of the FC and assistance in FC fundraising;
  • Participation in FC/SLS classes and activities;
  • Deepening love for Jesus